Projects: West Bromwich Masterplan

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    West Bromwich

Sandwell Council is looking to deliver transformational change to West Bromwich Town Centre and create a place that people can be proud to call their home. Where people come to live, work and play and a place that is capable of capitalising on the significant opportunities that will be available in the West Midlands. The West Bromwich Town Centre Masterplan will act as a catalyst for ongoing and new regeneration schemes for the town, unlocking further opportunities to boost the town’s future economic growth and long-term prosperity.

The Masterplan underpins the projects already identified under the West Bromwich Town Investment Plan and aims to further boost business confidence in a number of business sites by creating: –

  • A new Metro gateway plus a new Town Square for events with high quality public spaces;
  • New green links, squares, parks and improvements to the sustainable transport network;
  • A major mixed-use community including residential and employment creating a vibrant, active and sustainable town centre.

The Masterplan will provide inspiration to generate: –

  • 1,359 new homes
  • £6.6 million extra expenditure by new residents in West Bromwich
  • 1,740 new jobs
  • 12,000 metres squared of new retail floor space, replacing 30,000 metres squared of out-of-date and vacant retail floorspace
  • Significant health, education and community uses
  • Improved public transport accessibility

Download the West Bromwich Masterplan Main Document here