Projects: West Bromwich Connected

  • Investment
    £1,100,000 consisting of 100% Towns Fund
  • Timeline

    Start: June 2022

    Delivery: September 2025

  • Location
    West Bromwich

The key aim for the West Bromwich Connected project is to encourage a greater proportion of trips to be undertaken by non-car modes and achieve an uplift in the number of people using active travel modes within West Bromwich but also the wider borough and region to assist in reducing congestion, poor air quality, and other health inequalities.

The project is organised into phases and schemes have been identified from the Sandwell Cycling and Walking Infrastructure Plan (SCWIP):

  • Create a pedestrian link from Sandwell College to the junction of Bull St/High St to link into the Town Centre
  • Linking Parkway to Europa Avenue and West Bromwich Town Centre
  • Cycle route linking Birmingham Canal to West Bromwich Town Centre via Spon Lane.
  • Create a cycle route from Hill Top to Walsall Canal and Eagle Lane via Havills Hawthorn and Bagnall Street.

The project Full Business Case was approved by Government in March 2022. The project team have since undertaken a number of activities in the background to finalise the work packages to deliver this project and on-site works commenced in January 2023. 


  • 10 temporary Full Time (FT) jobs supported during project implementation
  • 2km new cycle ways
  • 2km resurfaced/ improved roads