Projects: Wednesbury Community Safety 

  • Investment
  • Timeline

    Start: November 2023

    Delivery: March 2025

  • Location

This project aims to help partners tackle crime and antisocial behaviour with new and improved CCTV, engagement with residents and businesses, and improved measures around green spaces to discourage nuisance bike activity in Wednesbury.

In the Sandwell Residents Survey, 2023, many residents told us that they do not feel safe in Wednesbury. Wednesbury scored the lowest of all Sandwell’s towns for perceptions of safety.

CCTV infrastructure will be improved in Wednesbury Town Centre and Friar Park. Better cameras will increase the chance of people committing crimes or Anti-social behaviour including fly-tipping being identified. This helps the police and council to take action.

Work will take place with businesses in Wednesbury Town Centre to look at establishing new measures such as a radio link scheme and a safe spaces scheme. (To learn more about safe spaces please see link: Sandwell Safe Spaces Scheme | Sandwell Council .These projects will bring businesses together, help tackle crime and anti – social behaviour, help communities and businesses feel safer and build resilience.

More will also be done to disrupt nuisance bikes through raising public awareness around reporting to help take action against known offenders and enhanced target hardening in the Friar Park area.

Get Involved

Everyone in Wednesbury can help prevent crime and anti-social behaviour and make our community safer. Various teams within Sandwell Metropolitan Borough Council can deal with anti-social behaviour depending on what ASB is being reported. ASB can be reported:

  • Via the SMBC website and MySandwell Portal (online) Report anti-social behaviour | Sandwell Council
  •  By telephone 0121 368 1166
  •  In person or via a third party (e.g. Councillor, family or friend)
  •  Through the CCTV and concierge (where this service is provided)

You can report ASB to the police on the following telephone numbers:-

  • Non-emergency number – 101
  • Crimestoppers – 0800 555 111
  • If there is an immediate risk – 999

The Council is not an emergency response service. Incidents where there is an immediate risk of harm to person or property must be reported to the police or other appropriate emergency service.