Projects: Town Hall Quarter

  • Investment
    £7,558,000 consisting of £6,930,000 Towns Fund and £645,000 match funding from Sandwell Council
  • Timeline

    Start: June 2021

    Delivery: December 2024

  • Location
    West Bromwich

The West Bromwich Town Hall Quarter Project is located on West Bromwich High Street.

The Town Hall and Central Library are both heritage assets and are ideally located at the centre of the town in the proposed Cultural Action Zone (CAZ) in West Bromwich and will act as a bridge between the town’s past and future.

The project will restore and renovate the Grade II listed West Bromwich Town Hall and Central Library buildings, internally and externally and provide a new Equalities Act compliant entrance from West Bromwich High Street. The investment will transform the Town Hall and Central Library (built in 1907) into a modern and vibrant facility to benefit local people and community groups and third sector organisations. This Towns Fund project will kickstart the wider Town Hall and Central Library vision. The vision includes a new entrance, an extension and infill link between both buildings; all of which is subject to further funding.

The project Full Business Case was approved by Government in March 2022. The project team have since undertaken a number of activities in the background to finalise the work packages to deliver this project and on-site works commenced in August 2023. 


  • 6 temporary Full Time (FT) jobs supported during project implementation
  • 2 Heritage Buildings restored/ renovated
  • Introduction of new and improved training/ education opportunities, collaborating with SAFL assisting 500 learners
  • 4,120 sqm of refurbished existing floor space
  • New performance/ events and exhibition spaces

Restoration works commenced in November 2023 for a 12-month programme due for completion in November 2024.