Projects: Retail Diversification Programme

  • Investment
    £13,000,000 consisting of 100% Towns Fund
  • Timeline

    Start: June 2022

    Delivery: September 2025

  • Location
    West Bromwich Town Centre

The Retail Diversification Programme project aims to deliver comprehensive regeneration and transformation of the West Bromwich retail submarket through major site assembly and demolition works.

It involves the potential acquisition and demolition of underperforming town centre sites and the relocation and refurbishment of a new indoor market.

The project will kickstart regeneration opportunities to deliver a significant number of town centre homes, improve the town’s declining retail offer, repurposing surplus accommodation and unlocking large areas of brownfield land for planned regeneration.

The project Full Business Case was approved by Government in March 2022. The project team have since undertaken a number of activities in the background to further develop and finalise individual work packages to deliver this project. 


  • 5 temporary Full Time (FT) jobs supported during project implementation
  • 3 sites cleared for future regeneration
  • 26,559m2 land bought back into public ownership for future regeneration
  • Relocation and renovation of a new indoor market