Projects: Grove Lane Regeneration

  • Investment
    £4,350,000 consisting of 100% Towns Fund
  • Timeline

    Start: September 2022

    Delivery: March 2026

  • Location
    Grove Lane, Smethwick

The Grove Lane Regeneration Project will regenerate the Grove Lane development site at the centre of Smethwick, a large-scale mixed-use and housing development on the industrial site directly adjacent to the hospital.

Investment will assist the acquisition and remediation of a selected site within the Grove Lane area to accelerate regeneration for housing delivery, the first phase of a comprehensive major regeneration project to deliver new homes and associated infrastructure.

The project Full Business Case was approved by Government in March 2022. The project team have since undertaken a number of activities in the background to finalise the work packages to deliver this project.


  • 20 temporary Full Time (FT) jobs supported during project implementation
  • Rehabilitate land for 145 new residential units