Projects: Brandhall Village

  • Investment
    Total £55million with £10,000,000 from public sector and £45,000,000 from private sectors
  • Timeline

    Start: April 2024

    Delivery: June 2027

  • Location
    Former Brandhall Golf Club, Oldbury

The Brandhall Village Masterplan proposes the creation of a new high quality and sustainable community, delivering the first public park in Sandwell’s 48 year history, a primary school to replace Causeway Green Primary School and the provision of 190 new homes, 25% of which will be affordable.

The predominantly greenfield site is set within the south-west of Sandwell, in a largely residential area located between the A4123, which links Wolverhampton to Birmingham, and the M5 motorway. With a gross area of approximately 36ha, comprising a former clubhouse, golf course and an existing public open space (Parson’s Hill Park).

Our aspiration is that Brandhall Village will provide a large public park with a range of amenities, up to 2.8ha space for a primary school, approximatly 5ha for new homes including affordable homes, pedestrian and cycle links and new areas for wildlife.

For more information, please visit Brandhall Village