Projects: Blackheath Interchange and Public Realm

  • Investment
    £3,740,000 consisting of 100% Towns Fund
  • Timeline

    Start: June 2022

    Delivery: March 2026

  • Location
    Blackheath Town Centre

The Towns Fund funding will improve connectivity within Blackheath Town Centre.

The Blackheath Bus Interchange and Public Realm project will create a central bus interchange around Blackheath Market Place, improve arrangements for pedestrians and cyclists, create new public realm and focal point to town centre, rationalise delivery arrangements and exclude through traffic.

The project Full Business Case was approved by Government in March 2022. The project team have since undertaken a number of activities in the background to further develop the project and carried out further community engagement to ensure the project is supported by local people. 


  • 10 temporary Full Time (FT) jobs supported during project implementation
  • Creation of a central bus interchange
  • 0.36km resurfaced/ improved roads
  • 0.39km new cycle ways
  • 700m2 public realm improved