• July 2024
  • Local Contractor Fitzgerald gives back to Smethwick Community

Local contractor, Fitzgerald, has taken a step beyond their contractual obligations to positively impact the Smethwick community. 

As part of their commitment to social value, Fitzgerald has engaged in a charitable project at the Brasshouse Community Centre in Smethwick.

Fitzgerald was appointed to enhance cycle and pedestrian connectivity in Smethwick as part of the Towns Fund Smethwick Connected project. Their work aims to improve infrastructure, making a more accessible and connected town. However, Fitzgerald’s commitment extends beyond infrastructure development to directly supporting the community’s needs.

In April 2024, contractors engaged initially with Sandwell’s Social Value team to discuss options to support the local community whilst carrying out highway works along Tollhouse Way in Smethwick. Karen Richards, a Sandwell Council Social Value Officer, happily matched them up with nearby Charity, North Smethwick Development Trust (NSDT) who manage the Brasshouse Community Centre, a vital hub for residents offering various services and activities, to see what initiatives Fitzgerald could support as part of their social value commitment.   

Understanding the centre’s importance to the community and recognising the poor condition of the community centre car park, Fitzgerald undertook the task of repairing the car park surface and marking out new car parking bays.

Fitzgerald Contractors

Jennifer Harrison BEM, Chief Executive Office of North Smethwick Development Trust, said “I want to give a big thank you to all involved, we are extremely grateful to Fitzgerald Contractors and Sandwell’s Social Value Team working together to make this happen.

“This will enable Brasshouse Community Centre visitors to have designated parking.  The new look car park will maximise our space to avoid parking issues in the surrounding area, making life a little easier for all our visitors and neighbours in the future.”

Steve Jones, Fitzgerald Contract Manger, said “It’s been a pleasure to work on this project. We always like to construct a great outcome and obviously bring a greater benefit to the people and communities we work with.”

Acknowledging the unique community connectivity in each of Sandwell’s six towns, Fitzgerald consistently seeks opportunities to provide support tailored to the needs of each individual community.

Social value is a priority for Sandwell, and the support provided to Brasshouse Community Centre is a testament to this commitment. The Smethwick Connected Project is near completion, however collaboration between contractors and communities through all regeneration projects in Sandwell is encouraged via Social Value commitments.

For more information on the Social Value in Sandwell Policy, click here.