• June 2024
  • Digital Den: Reducing Digital Exclusion

The funding for the Digital Den project consists of  £154,000, which consists of £42,600 from the Towns Fund and £112,000 match funding from GGCE. The project has invested in infrastructure to establish affordable digital services for West Bromwich communities, creating pathways with training provider EPIC to ensure opportunities are always accessible for education, training and employment through:

  • accredited online training courses
  • careers guidance, and
  • online educational resources for children.

The overall aim is to reduce digital exclusion. Since launching in August 2022, over 250 learners have attended the Digital Den and accessed learning through IT. To date 8 learners have moved onto Health Care jobs and a new job has been created at the Digital Den office in a Community Support role. 

The Digital Den offers a range of services such as formal training to learners (Provided by EPIC), in supporting community members who lack digital skills and/ or do not have access to online services and offer non-accredited learning.   In addition to this, residents drop in for support with their day to day needs whether it be support with telephone calls, help with appointments, referring onto a course or supporting with self-confidence.

Courses are delivered Monday – Thursday 9am-2pm for ESOL, Mathematics, Health and Wellbeing courses at the centre, however, there is an open door policy where the centre supports/refers anyone that comes to the centre.

Contact info@ggce.co.uk or call 0121 525 2772 and ask to speak to Wendy for more information.

Greets Green Community Enterprises 

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West Bromwich 

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